Wine Aging & Storage

This small under the counter will hold up to 54 bottles.  Perfect fit for a wet bar, or can nestle nicely into a kitchsmall_1en or family room corner.  You can find this type at multiple stores including Home Depot, Best Buy, Costco …










The 200 bottle wine cave to the right adds the feel of a beautiful piece of furniture and the capacity to start a rotating wine collection


View with door open….  web_1_door_open (1)







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Most folks understand that wine needs to be stored horizontally, to keep the cork wet.  A dry cork will shrink and allow air into the wine, which can cause oxidation and create an off   taste. Wine should be stored in a cool environment.  If you can buy young wine today, let it rest for 5 -10 years ( predominately heavy bodied reds) you can have fabulous wine to drink at a fraction of the cost.  It really does make sense.. and can saves you many dollars!


A walk in cellar of course will provide plenty of room and a nice ambiance. It is important to carefully calibrate your cooling system.  In areas of high summer temperatures such as California’s Central valley (over 100 degrees F), the standard system most designing companies or selling companies provide is inadequate to keeping an above ground cellar cool enough.  Optimum temperature is 55′ with a 60% relative humidity. In this case a separate commercial wine cooling unit was used. Be sure to do your homework.  No need to buy the unit that “comes” with the designed cellar.  Your cellar should provide the correct and anticipated results.  This cellar was designed by Apex.


Yes, you can dine like a king…

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