Valentine Table Ideas

Sooooooooo many….Choices, choices choices! Casual or more formal… ????

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My choice
something a bit more formal
but still in keeping…
I made this choice because after this holiday fun,
I will transform this fabric..
into new throw pillows for the bedroom!

tassels for corners
tassels for corners

I also bought tossels for the four corners.
The fabric was cut to be an exact square.
In this case 54 by 54 inches.
If I had chosen 36 inch fabric it would have bought only one yeard (36 inches) keeping it square.

no-sew edges with pinking shears
no-sew edges with pinking shears

This photo shows
the use of pinking shears
used to trim the frayed edges.
I’ll do this before hemming all sides
in a narrow 1/4 inch hem.


If you don’t sew (or like to sew)
the purchase of pinking shears
at any fabric store is a good investment.

If you don’t want to sew… just trim with the pinking shears and leave it at that!

The old card table re-born
old card table re-born
old card table re-born
personal salt & pepper
personal salt & pepper

Personal salt & pepper shakers
fit perfectly onto trivetts meant for
votive candles.

Square slavers (5.95)
Gihradelli Chocolate heart (5.95)
Lindt truffels (.69 each)
Red linnen table napkins (9.99 for set of 6)
Add square plates (13.95 ea)
Hearts, X0X0s
Some pink candles …Ready for dinner….

Yes, you can dine like a king…

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