Table Ideas

protedt your table with a pad
protedt your table with a pad

Table pads are best if ordered when your table is purchased , however, they can be ordered there are a number of good suppliers.

They are an invaluable tool in keeping your table in good condition.
If you need to replace your pads, which are custom made for each table or you would like to order some since your table did not come with pads –  Look UNDER the top of your table.  A number is written there. It is the template number for your table top.  Use that number to order your custom table pads. (If you don’t have pads, use two tablecloths placing an extra heavy white tablecloth under your primary top cloth.)

Creating a Special table for two

pull in that old card table
pull in that old card table

Move the furniture back…
then…Start with a card table

This one is over 30 years old..
condition won’t matter…
You can also use a piece of plywood set on a strudy TV tray…

ready for that special dinner
ready for that special dinner

that will make a table for two will work.

The trick is in the cover…
You’ll be draping the table and creating a different feel.


Yes, you can dine like a king…

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