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Morant’s Old Fashioned Sausage Kitchen has been source for the best International meat products – and most notably – German sausages  and feed.  This family business has operated in Sacramento since 1983.  Dirk, a first generation American, grew up in California but learned the sausage trade in Germany during a 5 year training process where he earned his “Meister Brief”.

In addition to the daily fresh sausages, you’ll find German smoked and dried links.  Best eaten with mustard and your favorite beer. (no cooking required).

We fell for these jems while traveling in Germany where the Autobahn often “stops” due to a “stau”.  Meaning someone broke down or crashed and the road needs clearing.  We traveled with our “stau” picnic basket; Landjaeger (hiker’s sausages),  pretzels ( 6 – 8 inch ones) seltzer water, and mustard!

Here at Morant’s your Oktoberfest shopping is complete. It can truly be called a 1 stop shop!

 At  Morant’s you’ll find all your favorite sausages.  Including both pre cooked and raw Bratwurst; Munich weisswurst (Munich white suasage-my favorite).  Thuringer Sausage, Nuernberger Sausage… even the best polish sausage (not in this picture).

Differences in the sausages come from both the meat grind, the meat, and the spices.

The raw Thuringer sausage is best prepared when marinated overnight in beer and onions and then cooked in the same marinade. -Yum!








If you’d like a quick ready to go (and delicious) Oktoberfest then you’ll find everything here…

Red Cabbage and Sauerkraut in three different sizes- One should work for your table.
Mustards.. wow! Sweet, spicy, or with horseradish…several varieties and Bavarian makers. Even some authentic German cookies for desert!

If you come to pick up your items or call in order on Fridays, then you’ll find fresh 6 inch German pretzels as well.

If you want a more spectacular desert then check out Freeport Bakery.

Morant’s deli counter offers the remaining items for your Oktoberfest…
German cold Potato Salad,  Fresh Sauerkraut, and Leberkaesse (a German meat loaf.)

Elfi and Dirk –
Always friendly & happy to help!

My favoties… Landjeger sausage..
Pretzels…   (See the sausages hanging in the background?)









I’m happy now. – Thank you Dirk for letting us visit and take photos!



Yes, you can dine like a king…

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