After 38 years of wine tasting, pairing and travel we are sharing our love of food, wine and settings.  Our website and blog which by extension is intended for the novice or newly awakened wine enthusiast as well as the seasoned wine buff.

We hope the practical step by step guides on our site  will lead you to create special meals with and for special people….

We hope you enjoy! Let us know what you like best…

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at_stoveServing an elegant meal does take time, planning and staging.  However the food doesn’t have to be difficult to prepare.  A sense of what goes together; which wine with the appetizer, the entrée’, desert.

Staging begins with your table settings and simple or elegant touches.  A table can be dresser “up” or dressed “down” for a more relaxed and casual event.

The same holds true for your meal.  The meal is elevated by how it is served.  Family style is casual.  Family style can be dressed up with table ware, napkins, silver, decorations etc.

A dining experience can be accomplished in your home with some planning.  Choose the table settings carefully.  Layering adds to the spring_tablemood.  Tablecloth, place mats on top, then a slaver, as place holder for the dinner plate.  Cloth or specialty paper napkins either folded or in napkin rings…



Then for the dining experience – each course is served separately.  Each course is staged in the kitchen before serving.  This way, the meal is enjoyed with all the senses:

  • Aroma- the nose;
  • Presentation on the plate allows you and your guest to feast with the eyes;
  • Taste buds… that’s the final wow.                                                                This can be achieved with each course with a little planning.

Each month we will be bringing one or more dining experiences to this site for you.  We will provide some of our favorite recipes and

bordeaux_004a-wmake wine suggestions for that meal.  Sometimes it will be a particular wine, some times it will be the varietal leaving the particular wine to your taste.

We are looking forward to your joining us here.

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